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For things like customer service, medical care, billing, we have made commitments to providing an exceptionally comprehensive experience.

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Iron Infusion

The iron containing preparation circulates through the blood stream and is delivered to the body organs that require iron for normal functioning. An iron infusion is safe and can be administered as a 1-hour procedure at our medical centre.

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Child Health, Adult Health, Women Health, Elderly Health

Our practice provides a comprehensive range of general Medical Care to our patients. Our focus is on preventative medicine.

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Veteran Health

Dr Siddiqi has the expertise in looking after Veterans and DVA claims. He is highly experienced with 7+ years in Defence Health as a Senior Medical Officer level.

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Chronic Disease

Patients who have a chronic disease need close monitoring, focused health management and often education around their lifestyle management

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Health Screening

Health Screening in our practice is not limited to Full Medical Check ups. We also provide a range of screening tests.

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Vaccination & Immunisations

We provide a full range of vaccinations and travel immunizations for our patients, babies, teens, adults, world travelers!

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Minor Surgical Procedure

We offer a range of Minor surgical Procedures for our patients, so that trips to hospital and the long waiting times can be avoided.

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Mental Health

Mental Health is vital to your overall well being. As life becomes more competitive, challenging and stressful, we all need support and we are here to help.

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A dressing is a sterile pad or compress applied to a wound to promote healing and protect the wound from further harm. A dressing is designed to be in direct contact with the wound.

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Workers Compensation

A Workers is a financial agreement that allocates a portion of a workers’ compensation settlement to pay for future medical services related to the workers’ compensation injury.

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General Check Ups

Your GP should always be your first point of contact with any health issue, especially one you may have put off seeing someone about. Even if you don’t have any particular concerns.

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Skin Checks

Skin checks are an extremely important tool we have in diagnosing skin cancer, and all the evidence suggests early detection is one of the most important factors for determining survival.

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Weight Management

Weight management is the phrase used to describe both the techniques and underlying physiological processes that contribute to a person's ability to attain and maintain a certain weight.

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Our highly skilled Podiatrists will provide you with the latest technology to diagnose, treat and manage any lower limb condition. Podiatrist comes to EHMC every Friday.

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Physiotherapists help you get the most out of life. They help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury. Physiotherapist comes to EHMC every Wednesday. Call Ph: 0450 030 053 to book appointments.

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Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry. Our doctors will receive or return any urgent calls.

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